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OneClickSell in Action: A Comprehensive Product Tour

Discover how our app revolutionizes your Shopify store with AI-driven insights, one-click upsells, and more.


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A Closer look at what makes us unique

OneClickSell brings a suite of powerful features to your Shopify store. Explore each one and understand how they combine to redefine your sales strategy.

Maximize Order Value With Upselling

Offer related products pre and post-purchase to boost order value. OneClickSell makes upselling efficient and personalized.

Automated Funnels By Machine Learning

Our intelligent funnel builder creates tailored shopping experiences that evolve with your customers.

Optimize With Mobile and A/B Testing

Ensure a flawless experience across devices and optimize with built-in A/B testing.

Measure with Comprehensive Analytics

Track AOV, best converting products, and more with our user-friendly dashboard.


Quickly Increase Sales with OneClickSell

Our intuitive design and AI-powered upsells, can help you optimize every customer interaction for higher sales—even if your store is new to eCommerce.

*No complicated setups. Start seeing revenue growth in days, not months.

Maximize Profits with next level optimization

Discover how OneClickSell transforms high-performing stores into eCommerce powerhouses."

Boost Average Order Value

Increase your AOV with targeted, one-click upsells that engage customers at the perfect moment.

AI-Powered Funnel Analytics

Get actionable insights from our AI-driven analytics to fine-tune your sales funnel.

Seamless Customer Experience

Create a frictionless shopping experience with native Shopify integration, enhancing customer loyalty.

Split Testing for Continuous Growth

Run A/B tests with ease to discover what really resonates with your customer base."

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Add Revenue Streams to your subscription business

Supercharge your subscription business by easily integrating one-time purchases and upsells.

One-Time Upsells

Boost revenue with timely one-time offers.

Seamless Integration

Easy setup with your subscription platform.

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Data at Your Fingertips"
Master Your Metrics for Enhanced Performance
Empower your decision-making with OneClickSell's robust analytics and dashboard features. Our intuitive dashboard offers comprehensive insights, enabling you to track crucial metrics like Average Order Values (AOV) and funnel performance. Make informed decisions and refine your strategies with our data-driven tools, guiding your store to continued success and growth.
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optimize with precision
Refine Your Strategy with Built-In A/B Testing
Elevate your upselling game with OneClickSell's intuitive A/B testing tool. Designed to perfect your sales approach, our feature allows you to test and identify the most effective strategies for engaging your audience. With easy-to-use testing capabilities, you can swiftly pinpoint what resonates best with your customers, enabling you to make data-backed decisions that amplify your store's performance.
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Flexibility in Upselling
Blend AI & Manual Offers for Maximum Impact
Discover the perfect balance between automation and control with OneClickSell. Our platform empowers you to blend AI-driven and manual offers, creating dynamic upselling strategies tailored to your store's unique needs. Whether it's automated pipelines for larger product combinations or manual selection with AI-backed confidence hints, our tool provides you with the versatility to optimize upsells. Experience the power of AI while maintaining the personal touch that your customers value.
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How It Works: A Seamless Integration

From the moment a customer shows interest to the personalized recommendations generated by our intelligent algorithms. Take a journey through OCS.

1. Pre-Purchase Upsells

As customers browse your store, OneClickSell’s smart upsell suggestions promote related products, increasing the chance of additional sales. Customizable templates let you align these offers with your store's design.

2. One Click Post-Purchase Upsells

After a purchase, offer additional complementary products without the need for re-entering payment information. It's quick, user-friendly, and designed to increase average order value.

3. AI-Driven Recommendations

Our AI-driven funnel builder analyzes past sales and customer behavior, automatically creating tailored funnels. Over time, these personalized recommendations evolve to match customer preferences.

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our features

Put your upsells on Autopilot with OneClickSell

Explore a powerful, versatile toolset tailored to elevate every aspect of your Shopify store.

AI-Driven Efficiency
Automated Upsells

Leverage machine learning to create highly effective pre and post-purchase upsells.

Optimized for Sales
High-Converting Templates

Benefit from templates designed for maximum conversion right out of the box.

Data-Driven Optimization
Built-In Split Testing

Test variations in real-time to refine your upselling approach

Insights at a Glance
Real-Time Dashboard

Keep tabs on your AOV, top products, and funnel performance.

Seamless Experience
Native Shopify Integration

Effortlessly synchronize OneClickSell with your Shopify ecosystem.

Always Here for You
World-Class Support

"Enjoy peace of mind with our responsive 24/7 customer support.

Known from

(Based on 15,000+ reviews)

"OneClickSell has been a game-changer for our online store. The AI-driven upsells have not only simplified our sales process but also significantly increased our AOV. The dashboard keeps everything we need to know at our fingertips, making data-driven decisions easier than ever. Highly recommend for anyone looking to boost their online sales!"

james kenzie
CEO, Trainual

"As a small business owner, every sale counts. OneClickSell has helped us tap into additional revenue with minimal effort. The ability to blend AI and manual offers means we can personalize our upsell strategy, and the results have been fantastic. Our customers love the relevant suggestions, and we love seeing our numbers grow!"

Sarah Lewis
Owner, The Villages Gym

"Implementing OneClickSell has transformed how we approach upselling. The built-in A/B testing tool is a standout feature, allowing us to refine our strategies and really understand what works for our audience. Seeing a significant uplift in our sales was an added bonus. This tool is a must-have for any serious online retailer."

Michael tompkin
Owner, Kalzumeus Software

"I highly recommend CloudTXT to any business looking to use SMS. They created an amazing SMS software platform that has some great personalization features for the building of the actual messages (they have a good software builder that is easy to use)."

CEO, Trainual

"CloudTXT is valuable for setting up a chain of SMS messages to communicate with existing or prospective customers, configured by decision-tree and A/B testing. It also has a built-in phone number collection form mechanism and will also track people in profiles that can be data-crunched in different ways later."

Owner, The Villages Gym

"CloudTXT allows you to create dynamic and complex SMS flows and campaigns. With enough attention given to your strategy, you can create a cross-selling machine based on customer activity. I also love the cross connection to other great apps and software to have a better understanding of your customer."

Owner, Kalzumeus Software
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