The NEXT-generation upselling
Boost Shopify sales with post-purchase upsells powered by AI
Experience groundbreaking machine learning  that analyzes your past sales to automatically build out high-converting tunnels tailored to your store.
  • AI-Generated Funnel Builder
  • One-Click Upselling
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Never Lose a Sale Again: Secure Every Upsell with Confidence
Imagine the potential revenue slipping through your fingers every day, simply because your store isn't harnessing the power of effective upselling.

Our AI-driven software effortlessly identifies and executes the most effective upselling opportunities, ensuring you never miss out on additional revenue. By suggesting the right products at the right time, OneClickSell transforms missed opportunities into smart, profitable sales, boosting your average order value efficiently.
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Unlock a New Era of Upselling
What sets OneClickSell apart
Built to empower Shopify store owners, OneClickSell offers innovative tools designed to increase your sales and average order value effortlessly.
Automated Funnel Excellence
Generate AI-crafted Recommendations at any step of the funnel. Utilize a Large Language Model for product descriptions.
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Upselling Made Effortless
Enhance your average order value with our intuitive one-click upselling feature, seamlessly integrating pre-purchase and post-purchase offers.
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Smooth Shopify Connection
Benefit from native Shopify integration with hassle-free setup and experience. Synchronizing your store and maximizing revenue becomes a streamlined process.
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Before OneClickSell, we were losing potential upsells left and right. It was frustrating. Then we gave OneClickSell a try, and I have to say, it was a game-changer. The one-click upsells are so easy to implement, and I love how the AI figures out the best funnels for us. Our sales went up almost overnight, and we're not looking back. If you're on the fence about it, just go for it – OneClickSell really works. Thanks from all of us at BuiltUSA!
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Use AI Powered Product Recommendations & Descriptions
OneClickSell not only recommends products with unmatched precision but also crafts compelling product descriptions using advanced language models. This dual approach ensures that your customers are not only presented with items they are likely to buy but are also engaged with descriptions that drive sales.
AI-Powered Recommendations

Tailored suggestions using AI analysis for higher conversion rates.

Smart Product Descriptions

Engaging, AI-generated descriptions that capture attention and drive sales.

Intelligent upselling
Advanced Features for the Next Level of Conversion Optimization
Embrace a new era of e-commerce excellence with OneClickSell's suite of advanced tools, crafted to elevate your store's performance. From tested high-converting offer pages to data-driven insights, we've got everything you need to succeed.
High Converting Offer Page
Start with proven templates that boost conversions, giving you an instant edge.
Split Testing Capabilities
Easily run A/B tests to fine-tune your strategies and identify what works best for your audience.
Data Dashboard:
Gain insights with a comprehensive dashboard, tracking key metrics like average order value, top products, and funnel performance.
AI Funnel Builder
Utilize cutting-edge machine learning to create personalized funnels, dynamically adapting to your store's needs.
Seamless Success
Effortless Integration, Endless Customization, Exceptional Support
Experience effortless integration, personalized setups, and around-the-clock support with OneClickSell.
Plug-and-Play Integration
Easily integrate OneClickSell with your Shopify store for a hassle-free start.
Unmatched Customization
Tailor OneClickSell to fit your brand, creating unique and resonant offers.
World-Class Support
Our support team is always here for you, ensuring uninterrupted success.
All-in-One SMS Marketing Platform
Features that elevate your sales
From AI-driven insights to seamless integration, OneClickSell offers a suite of features designed to transform your sales process.
AI-Powered Funnel Builder
Harness the power of machine learning to auto-create sales funnel tailored to your store's needs.
One-Click Upsells
Maximize revenue with pre-purchase and post-purchase upsells that require no additional payment info.
High-Converting Offer Pages
Start with tested templates that drive conversions and enhance your sales strategy.
Data-Driven Insights
Access an intuitive dashboard to track key metrics, including AOV, top products, and funnels.
24/7 World-Class Support
Get assistance whenever you need it with our dedicated support team, always ready to help.
Seamless Integration & Customization
Integrate effortlessly with Shopify and tailor the app to resonate with your brand's unique style.